Interactive Programs

With a mission to inspire and engage diverse audience, Stratus Ensemble offers interactive programming for both children and adults to encourage the participation and creation of music for all ages and skill levels. 


Stix & Tones

Stratus Ensemble's dynamic children's concert Stix & Tones brings together two of instrumental music's earliest instruments, flute and drums, to entertain and educate children and adults on musical concepts. Stix & Tones is an interactive learning program that focuses on the musical elements of melody, rhythm, program music, ostinato, improvisation, and more! All of these musical components involve interactive activities followed by brief moments of listening that help facilitate the learning process!


Music Without Inhibition

Inhibition exists in all aspects and all levels of music. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, many things can get in the way of participating and creating music. Music Without Inhibition is an interactive engagement concert designed to encourage music enthusiasts to better understand, appreciate, and create music regardless of age, skill level, or instrument background.