Stix & Tones

Stratus Ensemble's dynamic children's concert Stix & Tones brings together two of instrumental music's earliest instruments, flute and drums, to entertain and educate children and adults on musical concepts. Stix & Tones is an interactive learning program that focuses on the musical elements of melody, rhythm, program music, ostinato, improvisation, and more! All of these musical components involve interactive activities followed by brief moments of listening that help facilitate the learning process! 



"We had such fun learning about stories and concepts behind the music with Stratus Ensemble!  Our families were mesmerized by the combination of flute and a variety of percussive instruments in a program devoted to the cultural development of young children. [Stratus Ensemble] ... inspired one hundred percent audience participation and added to the discovery of musical joy!"
Laura Raynor
Ann Arbor District Library

Noise Lab

Noise Lab Workshops encourage creativity through improvisation. Students will listen, sing, dance, and play instruments with improvisation at the center of every class. Parents and guardians will learn how to engage with meaningful music making in class and at home and encourage musicianship skills through shared playlists and assessment.

This family workshop is 9 weeks and runs September 18 - November 13th. Workshops are held at Pointless Brewery & Theatre, 2014 Packard Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 from 10:30 - 11:15am. Family Workshops are for children 0-5, parents, guardians, and grandparents. Adults that play musical instruments are encouraged to bring them to class! 

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"The presentation was professionally done and I was impressed by how engaged the children were throughout the program. The artists have a wealth of knowledge and skill, and have great respect for the children and their learning process. I highly recommend the program!”
Tori Tomalia
Pointless Brewery & Theater